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Tulip Necklace



The Tulip Necklace is part of the Herbarium Collection. Floral jewelry inspired by the secret Language of Flowers from the Victorian Era.  Each flower represents a hidden message. The Tulip represents Declaration of Love. Look at the world with love when wearing the Tulip Necklace.

My heart is smit
With love so strong
I must declare,
But have no tongue.

Come to my aid,
Thou Tulip Red,
Go and declare
My love instead

From A Victorian Flower Dictionary

Options for the Tulip Necklace.
The Tulip Necklace is made in Sterling Silver or in Brass with a 18k gold-plating. With a 45cm Venetian chain necklace.

Product dimensions.
H 0.15 Centimeters x W 2,6 Centimeters x L 4,5 Centimeters

Order details.
All pieces are made to order and handcrafted in the studio, through the process of lost wax casting. Please allow 2 weeks for your piece to be shipped.

For rush order, please email me at





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