This one’s to you and your ambitions. To you and your restlessness. To you and the insecure voices in your head: will I succeed, or will I fail? Will I be strong enough to persist, or will I give up before victory comes? Will I have enough time, or will someone else run away with my dreams? Will I be good enough? Am I worthy of my ambitions?

Darling you. Know that growth lives in the uneasiness, the in-between, in the failing forward, the unseen. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity. Find balance. There’s a time for rest and a time for growing. Be kind to you, you are a season of becoming. Sometimes the soul needs to be reminded: keep going, keep growing, keep blooming, keep trusting. Remember why you started.

Darling you. Know that what you think about, you bring about. You will be as happy and successful as you make up your mind to be. Reflect. Remember to have peace, not pressure, in your present. Have faith, not fear, for your future.

Celebrate. Rest. Remember there is nothing in nature that blooms all year long. Be patient with yourself. Remind yourself that you have to be a beginner before you can be anything else. Remind yourself that you have been powerful, you are being powerful, and you will be powerful. Naturae would gladly be honored to be your sparkling reminder of what an extraordinary example of feminine strength you are.

Darling you. Go hustle. Do it with passion – or don’t do it at all.

calling out the gold in you!



Naturae Design is a boutique accessories brand who’s calling out the gold in you. It draws inspiration from nature and its wonders, uses elements of earth, water, air and fire for delicate yet powerful jewelry, carefully created by hand in luxe materials.

The designs are statement pieces, amulets so to speak. Wear them as a reminder of the things you promised to you, the things you want for you. A reminder that you deserve what you want, that you’re worth your dreams. A reminder of what an extraordinary example of feminine strength you are. A reminder of your own story of growth




Daniella van den Huijssen is the founder and creative director of Naturae Design. The brand is her way of expressing her deep admiration for nature, for the landscapes that have inspired and still inspire her throughout her life. Her way of empowering women, inspiring them to find their best selves in reflections of nature. Her way of following her own dream, creating her own story.

She often explores the countryside looking for flora and fauna to inspire her intricate designs and feels centered by natural spaces and preferably spends her time creating stunning art accessories for women around the world. She’s passionate about encouraging women to create their own story, because, yes, the future is female.