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Dogwood Necklace



The Dogwood Necklace is part of the Herbarium Collection. Floral jewelry inspired by the secret Language of Flowers from the Victorian Era.  Each flower represents a hidden message. The Dogwood represents Durability. Remember to never give up on your dreams with the Dogwood Necklace.

Oh, not for the hue of thy roseate cheek,
Nor the dimpled rubies that smile and speak;
Oh, not for the flash of thy glowing eye,
Nor the eloquent sound of thy soft, low sigh,
Do I love thee, bright being of passion and grace!
’Tis the soul, the sweet soul in thy beautiful face,
The spirit immortal, the charm that ne’er dies,
That from death and the gloom of the grave will arise;
It is this that inthrals me; and thou unto me
Art the embryo, only, of what thou shalt be;
For thy mortal shall die; but the beauty I love
Hath an endless existence and progress above!

Poetry Of Flowers | London | 1863

Options for the Dogwood Necklace.
The Dogwood Necklace is made in Sterling Silver or in Brass with a 18k gold-plating. With a 45cm Venetian chain necklace.

Product dimensions.
H 0.15 Centimeters x W 2,3 Centimeters x L 3,1 Centimeters

Order details.
All pieces are made to order and handcrafted in the studio, through the process of lost wax casting. Please allow 2 weeks for your piece to be shipped.

For rush order, please email me at

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