Mineral Bride

Hyacin comb


The Hyacin hair comb is a hair comb for women that dare, made with blue aura quartz stones, attached to a silver plated comb. The subtle grey-blue colour allows you to wear this luxury hair accessory every day. For ambitious women that want to get back in touch with their roots and are open to feel the power of nature.

How to style this hair comb.                                                                    Because of the captivating colour, it is easy to look elegant when wearing this hair comb. When wearing your hair in a loose updo, you will be able to create a casual look. This can be a great headpiece for a wedding, with your hair down or in a braid. A simple yet striking hair comb for fashion conscious women.

Options for this hair comb.
The comb is available in gold plated or silver plated.

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